Welcome To Elgie Bus Lines
Providing safe transportation to Southwestern Ontario since 1951

Important Information Regarding Bus Transportation

Welcome To Elgie Bus Lines

Ontario’s Leading Provider of Safe School Transportation

Elgie Bus Lines Limited has provided safe and reliable transportation for school children for over fifty years. Since its founding in 1951, Elgie Bus Lines has grown to transport over 10,000 students daily throughout southern Ontario.  Our objective is to provide safe and dependable transportation for our customers and to deliver our services with care, compassion, and customer service.

Why Choose Us As Your Transportation Provider?

We, along with our sister companies, have retained over 95% of our customers since we started.

Our staff is without a doubt the most highly-trained unit in the industry. Our company’s training requirements often go above and beyond the legal requirements and is supplemented by in-depth online training. And best of all? We are all active, caring members of your community.

Elgie Bus Lines uses state of the art technology and industry leading programs to provide the safest ride possible.  We employ tools like GPS, camera systems, Child Check systems, maintenance diagnostics, and more!

We operate one of the youngest fleets in the industry and maintain them to highest degree.  We provide exciting options for your transportation system to upgrade its fleet while also saving money.

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